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AYERS CONSULTING GROUP (ACG / ATG) provides Cloud Services. We are a dedicated group of seasoned professionals committed to providing business owners with quality, affordable Cloud Technology services.

To service our Clientele with an even higher degree of service focus. ACG is delivering our Technology services under the Ayers Technology Group d.b.a. brand. Same dedicated team and service/product offerings with real-time evergreen enhancements!! 


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Starting with an in depth discovery of your needs, we use the latest cyber tools, as well as time-tested business techniques and business sense, to bring you single-source, integrated solutions.

Being a solutions firm, ATG works with our clients to discover the challenges they face in business day-to-day, and then work with them side-by-side to craft digital based strategy solutions. 

F.R. Kareem Ayers, ATG Managing Principal, details how clients often have to perform, convert, and migrate at the same time; meeting and managing current operating requirements and simultaneously repositioning themselves for a new, rapidly approaching digital future.

Migrating to cloud based solutions allows for that hurdle to be met while minimizing, mitigating potential complications. Clients are able to work together with ATG to migrate workloads into offerings like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure IoT Suite and Hub, etc.; and establish hybrid cloud solutions that allow the current execution and transform balance to be concurrently realized. Microsoft Azure, infrastructure as a service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS), builds that platform solution.

ATG offers integration from end to end: infrastructure, data, application, etc. We can integrate all of our customers’ infrastructure, bring it to usable form, allowing our clients to make data supported business decisions with tools like Power BI dashboards.  Our solutions allow for open source and other third party integration components.

Client Service is not an arbitrary, vague marketing concept, it represents, above all else, the core driving force behind our service mission. We stand on the principle that every Client is unique and every business requires personalized service.

Good Service Starts with Good People and our associates specialize in identifying and analyzing Client's needs. We then proceed to develop, implement and monitor effective solutions.

Whether "Subject Matter" or "Process Improvement" ATG's talented resource team provides service delivery to you on-time, within budget, and to your satisfaction... 

ATG was established from the beginning as a project based, relationship driven service provider; working hand-in-hand with clients and technology partners on an ongoing basis.

We are Technology Specialists promoting business evolution through value added solutions© 

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